😸 Into the Cavern of Cats 🎃 Halloween Special 🎃 Spooky, Ambient Soundtrack 😽

Hey everyone, it’s time for a spooky soundtrack to celebrate Halloween and Samhain. This is a moodier, atmospheric and chilled out harp journey taking on a dungeon synth feel. It’s ethereal too and has an eerie suspense running through it.

There are plenty of cats to meet. You’ll hear all kinds of meows and purrs. The purrs in particular became quite hypnotic for me. There are also beautiful droplets of water from inside the cavern, sampled from all over the world. That makes it super magical for me. It’s an immersive experience and well worth a spooky listen.

It’s funny because one of the cats sampled (the one with the foghorn voice) sounds exactly like the darling cat from my childhood, Amy. She was my good pal. Now she’s come back to see me yay! It’s been a surreal and nostalgic process, composing with her meowing in the background.

This is half the journey. You can find the whole thing here on Bandcamp.

Have a lovely evening if you’re participating in any naughtiness.