Exploration 2 - A Dorian Mode

It’s been a weird, spacey kind of day. Toothache woke me up at 3:30am and the day has spiralled in all kinds of weird directions since then, but I’m glad I caught the early morn because I was able to get the most beautiful dawn chorus recording from out my window. I’ve said it before - I love the beautiful resonance that comes from birdsong echoing off the sandstone tenements. It’s really special.

A blackbird was the star of the show this morning with a chorus of dynamic seagulls intertwined. The gulls use the rooftops all spring and summer to nest and raise their young so this is something I’ve gotten used to over time. I love their chatter. Sometimes they sound like cats, other times like babies and they’ve always got something dramatic and interesting to say.

This exploration is in A Dorian. It’s dreamy and soothing.

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