Exploration 1 - E Minor

I decided to record a practise session today. I feel a bit like a sculptor, chiseling away at marble in order to find the art, the object, the person, the melody. There are chords and experiments as I pass over the strings, things that feel familiar and then things that sound weird. There are completely unknown things and unusual territories (when clashing notes come out). Then all of a sudden I get inspired, I know what’s waiting for me and I go in search of it chasing it down like a butterfly in the breeze. There’s a section starting around 4 minutes that really floated my boat, I stay there a while basically making love to the melody ha! and trying different combinations of notes. So good! So dreamy. With the added golden reverb I can hear a chorus of angels accompanying me. How divine. How lucky am I? This practise is in E minor. I do like the minor keys, they’re so dramatic. Happy Saturday!