The Night Circus

Welcome to The Night Circus, a place of enchantment and dreamy realities. I read this book by Erin Morgenstern a few years ago and this new piece feels like it belongs in the book. There’s magic and mystery in the layers, also playfulness and chaos. I feel I’ve pushed the boat out further creatively this time. There are moods and beautiful phrases coming out of nowhere. The pace shifts around. There’s an exotic, mysterious feel which can be uplifting yet mournful. When I make these podcasts, I just start with a few chords and then let the song take me where it wants to go. I don’t know what’s going to happen. With this one, I felt like I was flying across the strings wanting to go faster and faster, chasing the melodies, which would leap out and dance all around. I felt like I was falling but also catching someone as they fell. This piece is full of atmosphere, sometimes dark, often elated, I love its enchanting, music box sound.

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