Snowy White Night

I really enjoyed making this piece. It’s got a wintry feel. I’ve had the melody in my head for a long while, since 2012 in-fact when I originally wrote the song. I love singing it, especially in the colder months. It feels super magical and mysterious. The melody is hypnotic and the whole mood of it is like a music-box. I’m transported to a far off land where nothing is quite as it seems. The majesty of the snow sounds other worldly in D harmonic minor and there’s an aura of things being unresolved until the warmth of the sun comes through with strength and hope on the note of G.

There are nine layers of sound in this piece. That’s so many for my sweet, ten year old Mac Book Air to handle. Poor thing does its best and I’m grateful for all its work, but with the hope of making an album firmly in my mind, I need to replace it. That’s why the arts grant I’m applying for is so important. It will give me the chance to create superb sound, without restrictions. Wow. Creating a whole album of hypnotic, magical music will be a truly exhilarating feeling. It feels like my destiny : ) Wish me luck.

Snowy White Night
Silver flakes falling down
Down to the earth
From the heavens
Heavenly beauty
All around

Fiery presence
In all sisters and brothers
Fire is flying
Flying through us
Warming our hearts
And hands with love

Breeze in the trees
Whisper whispering angels
Caressing our eyes
Our tears, our smiles
Hearts wide open
Look up to the sky

Moon and stars
Singing, singing together
Together creating
Such radiant vibrations
Healing earth
With songs of love

Night has been broken
By dawn’s warming rays
The rays from the sun
From the golden, golden light
Stream into our days
Stream into our lives