Rashin Coatie

When I started exploring chords and feeling my way into this song I saw the image of a girl scrubbing a stone floor. She was tired and sad. It reminded me of Cinderella. Rashin Coatie is the Scots name for her.

This song has a contemplative feel. I started experimenting with A Dorian mode which sounds slightly sorrowful and pensive to me. But there’s hope too with sections of high, bright melodies which radiate light. It’s a battle between resignation and strength, fragility and possibilities. Just like in our minds, where there can be a juxtaposition of emotions flowing through us. This song is for all of us. We’re all Rashin Coatie in some way. I like to think that by the end of the piece, which finishes in E minor, she’s made up her mind. She’s won her battles and she’s ready to taste freedom, with or without a prince.

Go Rashin Coatie!