The Queen of Autumn

I’m really excited about this piece. I’m exploring the third mode of the scale of G major. It’s called the Phrygian mode and I’m blown away with how beautiful it sounds. As I’m obsessed with autumnal colours at the moment I can feel the influence it’s had on the music. I see an elusive, strong golden queen taking care of her trees. The winds blow, the leaves dance in the breeze. And she dances too (she even has her own melody). Dancing with the elements, with the sprites, with the spirits of the forest. She’s powerful and kind and as bright as the most golden leaf shining in the sunshine. It’s her final dance before the coming of winter.

It’s a time to appreciate what we have, enjoy each moment of colour and vibrancy, make way for a new season and let go of the old ready to be born anew. And maybe do a bit of a hibernating too. 😉 I love this piece. The melodies are magical and I adore as it ebbs and flows with angelic voices.