A jolly good exploration in C minor

Hello lovely people, I’ve been digging into chord progression and key signatures recently. Exciting stuff hey!? Even though I’m musical, I’ve always found the theory side boring and a challenge, so I just play for pleasure and search for nice sounds without knowing too much about exactly what’s going on in the nitty gritty world of music theory. But I’m delving deeper now and in this piece I explore some chords that work nicely together in C minor. That means all the levers are down on my 25 string harp if anyone’s interested.

It’s been a revelation to remember that each scale has a major and a minor key - one of the first things I would have been taught in music lessons but had totally forgotten the juxtaposition of up until a few days ago. And now things are beginning to click in my musical brain (with the help of some great online teachers) and a new world of sound patterns is opening up. Expect more explorations. Yay!