São Damião

Day 30!!! Made it and feeling elated. Woo hoo! It’s been a great experience making a song a day. I would highly recommend it. Sometimes I wanted to scream, sometimes I did scream, sometimes I was so sleepy at 11pm trying to get the levels right and sometimes that led to a little frustration. But along with all those things I feel like I’ve achieved something super special. I’ve got many of my own songs out there now. And that feels fantastic. They’ve been waiting patiently in books for so many years and now they’re full of colour and light. It’s only the tip of the iceberg really. I’ll be back. Singing once more.

For the final song, I’ve gone back to simplicity. Back to nature. This song is from the rain forest. From a collection of songs/hymns devoted to the Holy Mother - Santa Maria. It’s haunting and beautiful. I love it.

Day 30 - A song a day.