I wrote this song over 10 years ago. I listened to an old version of it just now, sung around a camp fire, just me and a friend on guitar, trying to figure out the chords. It brought back sweet memories of that night - finally finding a musician to sing my songs with. It was 2am. Summertime. I had so many to share. I just wanted to keep going. We were there for hours, singing and playing. At first to friends and then when they fell asleep, to sheep in the next field. I had an old phone to record on which had to be ‘kept awake’ because if it went off it stopped recording. Ha. How times have changed. That was the beginning of the magic for me. Of the possibilities…

Now I’m a one lass band. Making sweet music with my trusty harp. I love all the experimentation and layering. So much magic to create.

This song is special to me. A lullaby for the soul. Taking you deep into the centre of the earth. Deep into Mother Nature herself. Come and find the hummingbirds and the forest paths. They’re waiting for you.

Day 9 - A song a day.